Utilities: Super-Spiders


Anansi Mid/Side Mastering Router



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"Anansi” is an audio routing super-spider designed particularly for use in Reasons' Master Insert FX section. The Mid/Side section allows for splitting an incoming stereo single into two mono signals for separate processing and remerging them. Up to three stereo signals can be run through a one-switch Mono Check function to check mono compatibility. Additionally there are basic three-channel merger and splitter sections.

The downloadable User Guide includes several example presets Combinators compatible with Reason and Reason Essentials, plus several further examples using a number of additionally available Rack Extensions.


Mid/Side encoding/decoding

  • Stereo in to mono mid and mono side send out and return to stereo out
  • Balance control for the mid/side output mix
  • Passthrough switch to output original unprocessed mid/side signal

Mono Check

  • Three selectable stereo inputs and one stereo output, switchable from stereo to mono sum for mono compatibility checking


  • Three switchable stereo ins to a single stereo out


  • One stereo in to three switchable stereo outs