Utilities: Envelope generation and voice splitting


Charlotte Envelope Generator & Chord Splitter



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Charlotte front

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Advanced and yet simple to use, "Charlotte" is the first dedicated Envelope Generator (EG) module for Reason, offering a versatile 9-stage envelope with independent time, level and curve control for each stage. In addition, "Charlotte" also has a seven-mode priority-determining chord splitter, supporting up to eight notes to eight independent sets of EG, CV (note) and Gate outputs.


9-stage envelope generator

  • 5-stage key-on section
  • Sustain section: gate hold, or time hold (loop mode only)
  • 3-stage key-off release section
  • Adjustable Stage Time 0ms-20s, 1/128-16/1
  • Adjustable Stage Level (except Stage 6)
  • Finely adjustable exponential/linear/logarithmic Stage Curve -1.0 to +1.0 (except Stage 6)
  • Key velocity to Time and Level modulation, Aftertouch velocity to Level modulation
  • Two retrigger modes - Reset (from zero) and CF (from previous value)
  • Loop Stages 1-6
  • Envelope meter shows current value
  • Stage LED lamps show current Stage
  • Set the polyphony to mono via the back panel

Chord Splitter

  • Play notes and chord directly into "Charlotte" and split them to separate instruments though the VEGN Group outputs (Voice, Envelope, Gate Note CV outs)
  • ALL Voice mode sends all notes to all outputs, with a single EG
  • Voice=[X] sends a fixed number of notes from a chord to a specific output with it's own EG
  • Select from seven Priority modes, six with "Chord Catch Adjust", a time window that ensures all the notes of your chord are captured at a wide range of tempos and distributed correctly
  • Provides a more predictable output to multiple instruments, e.g.., Low will always send the lowest note of the chord to VEGN Group 1

Built-in Amp EG

  • Connect an audio input/output to run the EG on the output
  • Independent scale control of envelope to L/R channels
  • Independent envelope delay to either or both channels, available in ms or tempo synced via the back panel
  • Input/Output audio notification LEDs.