Utilities: Super-Spiders


Mordred Audio Bypass Merger



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"Mordred" is the second super-arachnid for Reason: a 16-in/8-out audio merger. Each of channel features four stereo ins and two stereo outs, one that functions as a straight 4-1 merger, and one where each merge input are independently switchable. All outputs feature an off/on toggle switch and visual feedback of channel activity, plus the ability to create a time-adjustable auto-fade for the channel switches.


Three-mode fade-time adjustment

  • Instant
  • Linear fade (1-100ms)
  • Analogue-modelled CF fade (100ms-20s)

Stripe output mirroring

  • Auto-route outputs from Channels 1, 2 and 3 to the Channel 4 output for full 16-1 audio merging

Four separate stereo audio merger channels

  • Four channels each with four inputs
  • All the inputs are independently switchable into the channel output

Passthrough/Group On-Off switch

  • Use a channels Pass output jacks as an additional single output of all four input (standard Reason audio merger setup), and the Pass switch to select between either the individually merged signals, or all the merged signal
  • Leave the pass jacks unconnected and use the Pass switch itself to turn the whole channel on and off

Grouped merging

  • Merge up to 13 inputs in 4 groups into a single output
  • Use multiple “Mordred” channels in conjunction with "Shelob Audio Bypass Splitter" for advanced effects grouping