About Jiggery-Pokery


A songwriter and musician for over twenty years, and a huge fan of Propellerhead Software products, JP has been producing skins and ReFills for Reason since 2003. Much of the free material has been previously available on via Reasonbanks and Combinator HQ. For the first time all that material has been gathered up into one place on this site.

Having converted a number of their free releases to the Reason format, including the exceptionally popular Eminent 310U strings patch on Combinator HQ, JP licensed several samplesets from Hollow Sun converting the samples into the Reason format, and has created a wealth of new and exclusive content. Now working with top coder Craig Grove to produce Rack Extension plugins that have been designed from the ground up for Reason 6.5 and beyond.

JP currently writes and performs under the name The Quixotes.


The Quixotes