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Additions: retro additive synthesizers -DK Synergy and Kawai K5m




The additive and FM synthesizer ReFill

Additive synthesis: the unsung, unloved princess of synthesizer sound-making has been locked at the top of an overgrown tower for over a decade. Like a jester dressed as a Knight in slightly tarnished armour, JP rides to her rescue, kisses her back to life and lovingly crafts a massive set of sounds from two classic synthesizers, the FM/additive hybrid, the DK Synergy (1982), a long-time favourite of electronic artist Wendy Carlos, (patches from whom we are pleased to present here) and the true-additive beast that was the Kawai K5m (1987).

For bright bells, brasses and strings, to digital Basses, orchestral FM tones and wierd effects, Additions will cut through your mixes and add a silvery, slivery sparkle.

As well as the sampled patches, Additions also includes sets of Synergy-inspired, Thor-based Combinators, and also includes Giles Reaves' VocoSynth (which is also available free in the Additives demo below).


Additions ReFill
  • DK Synergy: all three of the rare Wendy Carlos cartridges, plus the factory and FX sets, and cartridges #4 and #5, for a total of 165 tones, plus 35 multi-layered Combinators, all handcrafted into shape by JP, for Hollow Sun
  • Kawai K5m: 253 patches from the Kawai K5m—one of only a handful of true additive synthesizers ever produced—and several of its memory cards, lovingly sampled and edited by JP. Several patches feature velocity or release layers, plus 100 multi-layered, additive industrial soundscapes, including many recreations of Kawai presets
  • Most DKS and K5m patches feature up to four notes per octave to reduce note stretch artefacts, and samples up to 30 seconds long in some cases. Additions contains nearly 2.8GB of uncompressed samples.
  • 68 “Virtual Synergy” Combinators, using Thors’ FM Pair oscillators and inspired by the DK Synergy
  • selig VocoSynth, combined with JPs virtual RMI Harmonic Synthesizer template
  • PDF user guide


Minimum Requirements

Reason 5.01 or above

Download Demo FreeFill: Additives

The reduced-sample demo ReFill, featuring a number of Multi patches from the DK Synergy, Kawai K5m, and JP Synergy V, plus the selig VocoSynth, can be downloaded here.