Combinator Effects Patches

Jiggery-Pokery's Advanced Rotary Speakers

Farfisa refill
Unbound from within the organ ReFills, now you can easily add them to all your guitars, pianos, everything! Plus two bonus patches not in the organ ReFills

Taking inspiration from the three major rotary speakers of the past, the following are, of course, merely models and do not pretend to sound like the real thing. However they are arguably the most advanced rotary Combinators out there, very flexible, and sound extraordinarily good on organs/pads, guitars/synth leads and pianos in particular.

• Cordovox CL-10 Single Rotary Chorus Speaker: the original portable rotary for transistor organ players. No amp, much chorus

• Fender Vibratone Single Rotary Speaker: the popular replacement for the CL-10. Includes a Line 6 Pre-amp. Great for guitar

• Fender Vibratone Single Rotary Speaker: this version for Reason users has a Scream amp input for the Vibratone

• Leslie 122 Dual Rotary Speaker: the big beast, play with anything Hammond, but also get the Rick Wrights' Echoes piano too!

• Leslie 122A: as previous but with the bass rotation disconnected, a common modification

• Leslie 147 Dual Rotary Speaker: a smaller cabinet with a tighter sound

• DRS-1 Digital Rotary Speaker: change the rotary direction to any of Malstroms' many mod wave types




Farfisa refill

Retro FX

Inspired by classic pedals and boxes of the past

• Binson Echorec

• 12-Stage Consecutive Phaser

• 12-Stage Parallel Phaser