Multi-ReFill Discount Bundles
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All our commercial ReFills are available with instant downloads via Paypal.Please avoid use of e-cheques as they take several days to clear and therefore instant download will not be available!

Big Sound Bundle: Elements 2 & Additions

Save £5 on the seperate prices of Jiggery-Pokerys' fantastic Additive and Workstation ReFills




With a gobsmacking amount of patches between them, and nearly 5GB of uncompressed samples from the DK Synergy, Kawai K5m, Waldorf Blofeld, Roland SC-8850, Korg MS2000 and Wavestation plus a wealth of Reason Thor patches and Combinators, expand your Reason rack with these astonishing new sounds.


Elements ReFill Additions ReFill


Download Additives, the FREE version of Additions, which also includes unfettered access to selig VocoSynth.


Hollow Sun Bundle: Retrospective, Kings of Kong, Hammond Novachord and Nebulae

Save a total 20% on the seperate prices of the Jiggery-Pokery/Hollow Sun Collection together




All four of JPs official ReFill conversions of Hollow Sun Kontakt sets. A staggering amount of sounds!


Retrospective ReFill Kings of Kong ReFill
Hammond Novachord ReFill novachord



Everything and the Kitchen Sync

All the JP synth/keyboard ReFills for less than £89. That's a saving of nearly £20!




All eight JP synth and organ products* now with one bargain price. A mouthwateringly massive collection of Reason patches.


Elements ReFill Additions ReFill
Retrospective ReFill Retro organs refill
Blue Meanie ReFill Kings of Kong ReFill
Hammond Novachord ReFill novachord


* please note that the seperately available Oberheim 1000, PPG Wave 2 and Yamaha FS1R products are part of Retrospective, and Farfisa Compact, Vox Continental and B3 Tonewheels are all found in the Retro Organs


Fendcaster Bundle

Save £5 on the separate prices of both Performance Strat and Performance Tele ReFills




Fendcaster Tele+Strat bundle