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Combo Compact Organ

Jiggery-Pokery's Combo Continental 300 is reborn for Reason as a brilliant new Rack Extension, bringing the best of the old ReFill version and adding a whole load more fun with its authentic drawbar and effect rotaries. This unique package gives you all the sounds of this classic British trannie, the foundation and reed tones, percussion, pedal bass plus an JP's exclusive convolution spring reverb from the Compact Duo F/AR unit. With loads of presets from the original Continentals plus models of some famous tracks, including some of those by The Animals and The Doors, this c.1973 vintage piece gear might occasionally hum and growl at you, but the wee beastie can handle any type of music you can throw at it — be it rock, pop, blues, classical organ or even electronica. And as an added bonus, this model doesn't weigh anything!

Combo Continental Organ models many features from across the original Compact range:

  • Full set of Continental 300 footages including the classic single manual "orange top" set
  • 16', 8', 4', IV mixture [single manual]
  • 2', and mixtures II and III [dual manuals]
  • Foundation and Reed tone adjustment drawbars [all]
  • 12-note Bass Section (C0-B2) with adjustable tone and 16' or 8' footages [300]
  • Six user-adjustable drawbar presets [300]
  • Separate Bass Section audio output [all]
  • Percussion Section 8', 4' and II mixture with decay adjust and sustain select [300]
  • Adjustable Vibrato [all]
  • Selectable Expression Pedal for swell [all]
  • Original F/AR spring convolution reverb from the Combo Compact Organ, exclusive to the Retro Organs 2.0 range, provides an exceptional spring reverb tone
  • High and low shelf EQ
  • Tube or transistor-style amp model with drive adjust
  • 115 Combo Continental patches
  • 19 Combinators
  • 8 additional instrument Combinators with RE FX

Minimum Requirements

This device requires Reason 7.1 and above.
Propellerhead Rotor Rack Extension is recommended for use with the additional RE FX Combinators.