Instruments: Melodic Electric Glockenspiel


Melodic Electric Glockenspiel




From our Retrospective ReFill comes a dedicated device starring one its most unique samplesets: the 1967 Czech keyboard, the Delicia Melodic.

This strange machine is an electronic piano, but one that sounds like something between a glockenspiel and a tubular bell. It has a suprisingly rich texture, with a solid fundamental, and nicely ringing overtones.

Exclusively for you, we've taken those original and rather noisy samples, and have carefully cleaned them up to leave them nearly hiss-free and shimmeringly cutting and quirky. It's a device that you may only use once, but that one use will be the perfect time for it and nothing else will suffice!


  • Tremolo
  • Bass and Treble shelving EQ
  • Decay (release time)
  • Key release sound, with decay to produce "note-off" repetition
  • Transistor distortion
  • Spring reverb
  • Newly cleaned-up samples