Studio FX: Classic BBD Delay Line


Titus BBD Delay



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When you need a single delay line and the ability to pan your dry signal, then Titus is the tool for the job.

A simple-to-use DDL-1 alternative, it is based on a single Steerpike channel, and offers both analog BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) and digital IDL (Interpolated Delay Line) delay types, forward or reverse delay, and up to 8 seconds of delay time. Whether you want a delay time of 16/2, 1/256, 3/11, 1/5, 2/9, or the default 3/16, just dial it in. You also can set the delay time in milliseconds/seconds or as a number of delay line stages.

Inspired by classic delay pedals, Titus can be used as a modular delay device with its compact 1U or half-U formats.


  • Single delay line with tap input/output and adjustable tap in feedback control
  • Reverse delay
  • Eight seconds of delay time
  • Mono in to panned out, like DDL-1, or stereo in to dual mono/stereo out with balance control (DDL-1 sums stereo inputs to mono before the delay line)
  • Trigger-able Delay Line Input button gates the audio input into Titus without clearing the delay line; ideal for infinite "loop" style delay by cutting off new input and allowing the dry signal to continue to play separately
  • Select vintage BBD or modern IDL (cf DDL) delay types
  • Fixed low pass anti-aliasing filter in BBD mode
  • No low pass filter is used in IDL mode, providing a full frequency range option
  • Fixed internal clock rate for BBD mode
  • Set delay time via BBD stages, milliseconds/seconds, or tempo sync
  • Set tempo sync duration from 1-16
  • Set any tempo synced bar/beat subdivision from /2 to /16 inclusive, plus all halved and triplet subdivisions up to /256
  • Level (phase invertible with high pass), Pan, Feedback, and Harmonic Distortion controls
  • Separate Level and Pan (mono input) or left/right balance (stereo input) control for the Dry signal positioning makes using Titus as a quick, single-delay insert effect much easier, as no additional mixer is required to set the Dry pan
  • Space-saving folded view provides always-available access to Delay Time/Delay Time Selector, Delay Line Gate, Level, Pan and Feedback