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Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble



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Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble is the ultimate studio-quality vintage chorus device for Reason. It invokes the classic, non-sweeping sounds of the analogue Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) circuits. Chenille offers a wealth of deep, rich ensemble effects. With an original and exclusive algorithmic implementation it emulates the classic BBD string ensemble and chorus circuits of the 1970s and 80s, including those found in many classic products, including the CE-1 pedal and Dimension D rack unit, the 310U ensemble, and the Synthex and Juno synthesizers.

This modular chorus system finally gives you the long sought-after subtle, movement-free chorus and gentle audio enrichment. Whether you are a guitarist or vocalist, or like your synths sounding big, Chenille BBD Chorus Ensemble provides the recipe to the secret sauce that's behind forty years of hit records.

The configurations include a true Ensemble mode, based on accurate 3-phase/2-LFO string synth BBD systems, most famously of course the original patent system devised for the Eminent 310U, and the classic 80s four-mode Roland Dimension D chorus module, providing a subtle thickening without the harsh and obvious sweep of basic chorus devices. With great plug-and-play "Dimension" and "CE" presets suitable for voice and guitar, or the bigger ensemble sound that can enrich any synth, and intense tweakability for special effects including delay and reverb, Chenille is the studio chorus sound in your Rack.

Designed and produced by JP based on his own collection of devices, and coded in stunning fashion by the top DSP-wranglers at Pitchblende Ltd, at long last, the real studio chorus sound comes to Reason!


Bucket Brigade Delay

  • True BBD mode, exclusive to Chenille, provides the beef for the richest chorus in Reason
  • BBD sample lengths available from just two samples up to 8192 sample
  • Fast select four different BBD stage lengths: 512, 1024, 2048 or Full Range (2 to 8,192)
  • Adjustable clock rate from 1.5kHz up to 100kHz
  • Delay times available from 0.01ms up to 2.7 seconds
  • Interpolated Delay Line (IDL) mode available provides standard digital chorus

6 BBD Clock Modulation Matrix

  • BBD Enable button per channel
  • Chenille includes six BBDs to modulate the clock rate, each of which can be independently modulated by rate or depth, or rate modulated by just a single LFO pair
  • 2 LFO rates per BBD - Fast (0.01–2.00 Hz) and Slow (2–10 Hz)
  • 2 LFO depths per BBD - Fast and Slow
  • Sync mode to use just BBD1 LFO rates
  • Correct phase offsets (0°, 120°, 240° etc)
  • Modulation shape adjustment: sine (ensemble), triangle (Dimension), or square (special FX). Use the upper LFO shape selector to set the waveform for all BBD modulations, or apply the lower shape selector to use a different waveform for the Fast LFOs
  • Modulation of any BBD can be turned off to allow unmodulated audio
  • IDL mode modulates the sample length

BBD Channel Mixer

  • Adjust the levels of each active BBD output independently
  • BBDs routed to two left channels, two right channels, and two summed mono channels
  • BBD audio can be high pass phased inverted, just like the Dimension
  • For stereo inputs, the second row (BBD's 4+6) are stereo inverted, again, just like the Dimension
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can be added to the BBD output (pre-feedback)
  • Master BBD Gain allows you to set appropriate levels into the Dry/Wet mixer


  • Add two additional voices per BBD channel, with up to 50 cents of detune


  • High Pass Filter from 8—1000 Hz with a steep 48dB/octave slope allows easy removal of low frequencies from the chorus output without requiring additional devices
  • Anti-alias/reconstruction Low Pass filter with a steep 48dB/octave slope, can be set to model the BBD by cutting the high frequencies or as required for special effects, such aliasing for glitch and chiptune


  • Separate feedback up to 100% for left channels (BBD1+6) and right channels (BBD3+4) for special effects

Extra Controls

  • An aggressive **Compander** models typical compression/expansion of early delay pedals
  • The **Bass Boost** adds a little bit of low end, similar to the Dimension chorus
  • Phase Mode allows you to set BBD LFO phases to the correct positions appropriate to Ensemble chorus, Dimension or CE-1