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Lolth CV Delay Splitter



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Lolth front

Lolth back

A versatile replacement for the Reason CV Splitter, Lolth is a 4-in/16-out CV splitter with an adjustable CV level output and inversion control for each split.


Master Gain allows you to control all sixteen output levels at once

  • x2 to boost Thor CV output to full range

Stripe input mirroring

  • Auto-route a CV input to all available channel/s for up to 16 splits from one signal

Four separate CV splitter channels

  • Four input channels each with four alphabetically-named splitter sub-channels
  • All splits are independently adjustable for both level and signal inversion

CV Delay

  • The outputs of each channel group can be tempo-sync delayed to easily provide offset signals
  • Chain channels to create additional delay lengths

Externally controllable outs

  • Connect per-Channel LFO inputs to trigger Channel output using a gate signal and/or modulate the output levels
  • All parameters are automatable