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More Cowbell. More Kazoo. More Pineapple!

Republik Handheld Percussion adds over 60 detailed new Latin, African, and Folk percussion instruments to your Reason rack, thousands of samples, covering a variety of small shakers and hand drums. Also included are two beautiful Kalimba thumb pianos, a crazy Kazoo, a genuine musical washboard, a kitchen, and musical power tools.

62 unique instruments featuring a variety of traditional performance hit types and most utilising six “round-robin” samples for each type of hit, where upon playing a hit one of six samples is randomly selected. This provides expressive and realistic sample playback, with a subtle and ever-changing tone, rather than simply repeating the same sample over and over.

All percussion instruments can also be played as pitched instruments by choosing one of ten available keyboard mapped samples, which is particularly useful for layering with synthesizer instruments.

For multi-bell percussion instruments, like the Agogos, which features more than one pitch, each pitch is independently tunable.

Purchasing this product also includes a complimentary sampled mug of tea.


  • Nearly 3,500 new mono-compatible stereo samples
  • Classic Latin, African and Folk small handheld percussion and tunable instruments, plus some household percussion, including saucepan drums and powertools!
  • 62 unique instruments plus an extra four genre "best of" selections made up of ten of the other single instruments
  • Most instruments feature 6 round robin samples for each of multiple types of hit for realistic behaviour; nearly 3,500 hand-edited samples!
  • Agogo Metal, Agogo Wood, Baoding Balls, Bodhran, Bottles Plastic, Bottles Glass, Cabasa, Castanets, Caxixi Double, Caxixi Large, Caxixi Med, Caxixi Small, Claves, Cowbells, Cutlery Drawer, Drill, Egg Shakers, Finger Jingle, Flexatone, Foot Jingle, Ganza, Guiro Metal, Guiro Wood, Hip Flasks, Jam Blocks, Jars, Jaw Harp, Jigsaw, Kalimba Alto, Kalimba Toy, Kazoo, Keyboard Stand, Maracas, Matchbox, Modern Studio Shaker, Monkey Drum, Mug o' Tea, Ndilli Ndilli, Nut Shell Shaker, Pandeiro, Pineapple Shaker, Rainsticks, Reco Reco, Rocar, Samba Whistle, Sander, Saucepan Drums, Shekere, Shoe Tap, Slapstick, Sleigh Bells, Spoons, Staple Gun, Tamborim, Tambourine Plastic, Tambourine Wood, Thunder Drums, Triangle, Vibraslap, Washboard, Windchimes, Wood Stirring Drum, Latin Mix, African Mix, Folk Mix, Household Mix
  • 11 superb spaces: 10 Nanoverb and the F/AR spring
  • 3 methods of instrument selection (drag up/down on picture, up/down selector buttons (with wraparound), and direct selection via pop-up box on front folded panel)
  • Separate tuning for individual bells of the multi-bell instruments (3- and 2-pitch Agogos, 2-pitch Jam Blocks etc)
  • All instruments can be switched to Solo Sample mode, where a choice of ten single samples is keyboard tracked across the keyboard. Play the Agogo as if it were a piano! Reduce or cancel keyboard tracking entirely. Additionally, several instruments feature layered solo samples or reversed samples in some of the Solo Sample slots
  • Visual indicators of where samples are located on the keyboard
  • A choice of low-pass, band-pass or high-pass filters with selectable audio envelope follower, plus a dedicated envelope for amp, filter frequency, LFO depth and LFO rate