Free Reason ReFills
Several of the free ReFills have been updated from previous appearances on other sites

Additives: Retro Additive Synthesizers

The free demo version of Additions

Additives features a set of samples from the DK Synergy (an FM synth with additive capabilities) including several rare Wendy Carlos tones, provided by Hollow Sun and painstakingly edited and looped by JP, and the Kawai K5m, a true additive synth lovingly sampled and edited by JP. You also get a virtual RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, plus the VocoSynth, kindly provided by selig! A PDF guide is included. And as an additional treat, there are several “Virtual Synergy” Combinators, using Thors’ FM Pair oscillators and inspired by the DK Synergy.



Eminent 310U Strings v3

A popular download on Combinator HQ, the original Jarre strings

As heard on Oxygene and Equinoxe, the magical string effect of this infamous Dutch organ. This final version 3 release has been supersized with additional stereo string samples plus the famous Jarre pizzicato lead sound, both courtesy of Per Kristian. In addition to new NNXT patches for the extra samples, the old patches from Version 1 - mysteriously AWOL in version 2 - have been reinstated. This is a demo ReFill for Retrospective.




Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer

The famous pedal synth

Three patches of deep bass from this classic synth. This is a demo ReFill for Retrospective, which contains more samples across the keyboard.




Harpe Laser

The incredible preset from the Elka Synthex

The most famous sound from one of the last of the true analogue synthesizers. Now you can Second Rendez-Vous to your hearts' content!Download



8-bit Magic: ZX Spectrum

Lo-fi sounds from Sinclairs' classic computer

A collection of noises from a variety of classic Spectrum titles!Download



Guitar chords .reason

6-string guitar chords mapped for Reason 6

A little template file I put together with a large selection of guitar chords, that may or may not be useful. Updated for Reason 6, now with equal note-off positions.Download



B3 Tonewheels Demo

Demo version

The original 2006 demo version of Jiggery-Pokery's B3 Tonewheels ReFill. Contains a reduced 16-bit sample set of the 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1-1/3 patches. The full version contains all the 24-bit samples, including pedals and percussion.Download B3 Tonewheels Demo