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Purchase the Farfisa Combo Compact, Vox Continental and B3 Tonewheels together in a single ReFill with exclusive new content for Reason 6!
Rack Extensions for Combo Continental and Combo Compact are now available for Reason 7.1. Please visit our Rack Extentions pages here
Retro organs refill


Jiggery-Pokery Retro Organs v1.5





Updated for Reason 6, the three defining organs of the pre-synth era: the B3, the Vox Continental and the Farfisa Combo Compact, in one exceptional ReFill for your Reason racks. With default organs, effects and template patches from all three organ ReFills gathered conveniently into single folders in the ReFill root, this could be all the organy goodness you'll ever need! Save nearly £20 on the price of all three ReFills separately, and get all this exclusive new content as well!

New features in Retro Organs 1.5

  • L6 FX Junkied Organs
    Organ Combis with Line6s’ authentic rotary speaker models (Leslie 122 and Fender Vibratone). You will need Pod Farm FX Junkie pack installed in order to use these patches. For B3 organs we have the Line 6 Horn+Rotor with a tube-amp,
    Farfisa organs have Fender Deluxe Head and Vibratone, while the Vox Continental organs have a Vox AC-30 Head with Fender Vibratone
  • Tremorizer Rotary FX Patches
    A suite of fourteen insert effect Combinators featuring dual Pulveriser Horn and Rotor effects, from more traditional Leslie emulators to bizarre-legato key-triggered speed changes, tape-effected and gated rotors
  • Binson Echorec II effect
    In addition to the old Binson Echorec effect, a new four-head version using The Echo
  • New patches galore!
  • B3, Farfisa and Vox Experimental folders have new Combis featuring R6 effects devices, several with built-in effects from the Tremorizer suite, for more modern twists
  • Brand new PDF User Guide for Retro Organs

All the old favourites from the original release are included, from the Pink Floyd sound to Procul Harem via The Animals and with more ways than ever of tweaking the organs, Retro Organs is still the no.1 organ ReFill for Reason, whether you're needing to recreate the sounds of the 60s, or looking for stunning new flavours for your modern electronica and dancefloor tracks.

Farfisa Combo Compact, Vox Continental and B3 samples are 24-bit/44kHz.

Retro Organs: minimum requirements

Reason 4.01 or above

Retro Organs: Recommended requirements

Reason 6.01 or above
Line6 PodFarm 2.5 + FX Junkie
Expression pedal
5+ octave keyboard controller